What Guys See That Girls Don’t

What Guys See That Girls Don’t

What Guys See That Girls Don’t

What are Guys looking at? What picture of yourself do you paint?

Without ever lifting a brush you paint a picture of yourself with the clothes you wear and the demeanor you project. Are you reflecting the real you? Are you portraying the inner beauty God created in you?

In these “revealing” fashion days Christian youth and young adults may have a tough time finding the right balance between style and modesty. With Scripture as her basis, author Sharon Daugherty speaks frankly to teens and young women about the impact their dress and behavior has on the opposite sex.

What Guys See gives practical advice to:

  • Project radiant beauty from the inside out.
  • Develop a pure and genuine aura.
  • Send appropriate signals and receive sincere responses.
  • Live joyfully within appropriate God-set boundaries.

Choose to paint a picture-perfect you!



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